The all-in-one mobile app to centralize and organize all your home services operations and communications.

Yellow phone with two virtual field service and home service employees working
Yellow phone with two virtual field service and home service employees working

Its Field Management Expertise

Multifuntional, our virtual employee performs the tasks you would rather delegate to someone else, leaving you more time to focus on what you love to do!

Conversation between Plannit's virtual employee and clients

Answer client requests efficiently

Do you wish you could reduce the amount of interruptions during your work without missing important client calls? Our virtual employee centralizes and filters customer requests, no matter where they come from, and impresses them with quick responses.

Gears for the management of a service company

Organize and optimize operations and routes

Would you like to simplify job coordination and employee scheduling at your clients’ sites? Our virtual employee manages appointments and agendas, plans routes and assigns tasks to your teams to help improve your operational efficiency.

A smiling virtual employee sitting on Plannit's logo
Invoices, quotes and work orders

Accelerate document production

Do you dream of delegating the administrative tasks that often occupy your evenings and weekends? Our virtual employee takes care of creating, sending and listing all your documents and invoices, to save you considerable time.

Lead conversion

Stay in touch and retain clients

Would you like all your customers to remember you when comes time to reorder services? Our virtual employee sends personalized reminders and follow-ups that will make the difference on your future sales.

Our advisers will be pleased to accompany you every step of the way, for a personalized implemention adapted to your needs!

Your day-to-day helper

Our virtual employee saves you time by automating your unproductive and unbillable tasks.

Consolidation of all the communications

Never miss an important client communication

It routes your Facebook, website, emails and Google to the platform, notifies you of new requests and allows you to respond in 1 click. A chatbot and a smart phone system qualify the requests for you, helping you prioritize call backs to convert more customers!

Star for the relation with clients

Stand out from your competition

It automatically updates your customer database (CRM) and keeps the history of chat flows between you, your teams and customers on each job. Plannit’s flexibility also allows for personalized reminders or mass marketing emails to build customer loyalty and increase future sales!

Calendar and schedules

Schedule and dispatch with 1 click

It simplifies scheduling with interactive appointments and visibility into your teams’ agendas. Automatic notifications of schedule changes, job status visibility, time tracking and recurring visits add efficiency to your daily operations.

Map pointer pin

Stay on top of your team's movements

It helps plan your optimal routes with Google Maps integration. It also allows you to map and dispatch routes to your teams and provides live GPS tracking to better manage operations and customer expectations at a glance.

Online payment with credit card in a smart phone

Stop chasing clients for payments

It creates and approves your quotes and produces work orders and invoices. It also provides on-site and online payment options. Visibility on payment status allows you to manage your receivables in 1 click and it synchs to Quickbooks!

Clipboard with a performance report

Transition your current processes seamlessly

It allows management control adapted to your needs with features such as: a product and service catalog, a directory for documents, photos and operational procedures, reporting, as well as product usage tracking.

Its references

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José Rodriguez

I like the integration of invoicing into the platform because I no longer have the expenses associated with paper and mailing. It’s an environmentally friendly way to serve my clients and it has allowed me to gain their trust, especially during COVID, which was very much appreciated by them.

Isabelle Brisebois

Since we have been using Plannit, we have improved our customer service. Every customer feels unique and important, they feel we know and remember who they are individually, amongst all of our clients.

Jason Spencer
Extermination ONEX

One of the features I like, that is specific to our field (exterminators), is the ability for us to meet the government requirements with the tracking of the products we use. I also like the scheduling options, which allow me to text clients ahead of time to advise them we are on our way, instead of having to call them.

Its Rates

The most affordable day-to-day helper that eliminates time spent on administrative tacks to free-up your evenings and week-ends.

The intern

Manages your clients inquiries and jobs efficiently


The intermediate

Personalizes your customer experience and manage your teams

$ 39 /mo
$ 420 /year (save 10%)

The senior

Provides realtime visibility over your fleet locations and syncs to your accounting system

$ 95 /mo
$ 970 /year (save 15%)

Smart phone system

You want you client inquiries to be answered properly while you work?

Ask one of our consultant about our smart phone system.

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