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The tool you need to manage your home services business

The tool you need to manage your home services business

Automated lead generation.

Plannit’s bot work on your website as well as a variety of platforms. It brings new clients directly to you.

Boost your business

It’s hosted on your own website as well as plenty of third parties platforms.

Manage your business with ease

Whatever the request, everything is faster with Plannit. Edit and manage your client’s requests at anytime!

Stay organized

Better communication.

Great communication is how you get one step ahead of unexpected events. Plannit stores your messages and you can access them anytime you need.

Keep in touch
12:00 PM
Hi, I won't make it to Monday's meeting, can we reschedule ?
Sure, how about Tuesday 14th at 2PM ?
Sounds great, very appreciated ! Thanks !
Awesome, see you Tuesday

A new way to invoice

Create and send an invoice in a fews clicks ! Plannit makes the billing tracking process easier.

Simplify your billing

Why Plannit ?

Boost your sales

Plannit is your main asset to guide you into your sales and to serve your customers more effectively.

No needs of papers

All the information is stored at the same place and easy to reach anywhere, anytime.

More time where it counts

Less time spent on administration means more time for your clients.

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